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Purpose[edit | edit source]

The Aeon HACS Wiki is a collaborative resource dedicated to the Aeon HACS framework and its applications. Originating from Aeon Laboratories, the framework was created to deliver essential hardware and process control functionality required to automate instruments for radiocarbon sample processing. This Wiki aims to document and share comprehensive information about the framework and related projects with anyone interested in these technologies.

Other Uses[edit | edit source]

Beyond its primary focus, the Aeon HACS Wiki also hosts a range of documentation related to Aeon's manufacturing procedures. These procedures detail the steps Aeon takes to fabricate parts and assemble the instruments. This Wiki is one of three tightly-integrated, primary digital assets used by Aeon for production—alongside the Aeon Product Browser and our repository of Onshape 3D models. By sharing these three resources, Aeon strives to provide tangible, practical examples of our work, to embody transparency, and to cultivate a culture of cooperation within and hopefully beyond our own community.

Engaging with the Aeon HACS Wiki[edit | edit source]

We invite users to delve into the Aeon HACS Wiki, whether to seek information, contribute expertise, or offer feedback. The Wiki supports contributions from the Aeon community and the public, including anonymous submissions. Users may contribute via the Edit and Discussion links on every Wiki page, and are welcome to contact Aeon with specific inquiries or suggestions.

Commitment to Accessibility[edit | edit source]

Aeon follows general MediaWiki guidelines for content presentation to ensure the Wiki is accessible. We recognize the importance of making our digital resources available to all users and welcome suggestions for improving accessibility. For assistance or to report accessibility barriers, please contact us.

Conclusion[edit | edit source]

The Aeon HACS Wiki reflects Aeon's commitment to transparency and open-source knowledge sharing. It is designed to be a practical resource for understanding Aeon's technologies and manufacturing practices, and to support internal operations, customer service and broader community engagement. Join us in this endeavor to share knowledge, innovate together, and build a more open and collaborative future.