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Introduction[edit | edit source]

The Aeon Product Browser is a web-based database that provides public access to comprehensive detailed information about our products. It facilitates exploration of the parts, materials, and labor involved in each item, offering links to 3D models and manufacturing procedures. The purpose of this service is to provide transparent insight into the composition of Aeon's offerings ranging from individual components to complete projects.

Features of the Product Browser[edit | edit source]

Viewing and Searching Items[edit | edit source]

Each page in the product browser is devoted to an item. An item is a material, part, or service (e.g., labor) that is either a product offered by Aeon, or possibly a constituent of one or more products. The contents of an item page include basic information (part number, source, unit, and price), a "Bill of Materials" section detailing all sub-items required for the item's creation, and a "Used on" list showing all items incorporating it. The entries within the "Bill of Materials" and "Used On" sections link to the relevant Product Browser sub-item pages. Together, these features allow convenient navigation up and down the hierarchical trees of assemblies, from top-level projects to basic materials. Additionally, a drop-down box allows the viewer to scroll through and select any item directly from a list sorted by name, and a search feature is available as well. Search text can contain keywords, phrases, numbers, or any other text that appears in the part name, number or notes for an item.

Detailed Learning Resources[edit | edit source]

A 3D model link offers users an interactive visual experience, allowing detailed examination of the item, including views from any orientation, dimensional information, section views, exploded views and more. The Learn More link takes the user to a page in this Wiki for further information about the item’s application and its specific manufacturing process.

Supplier Information[edit | edit source]

The database includes information about the sources of supply for each item, supporting Aeon's commitment to transparency in its manufacturing processes.

Aeon's Digital Web Presence[edit | edit source]

The Product Browser is integrated with Aeon's Wiki and Onshape 3D model database. Collectively, they comprise a comprehensive information resource that helps fulfill Aeon's commitment to sharing, transparency, and collaboration.

Access and Navigation[edit | edit source]

The Product Browser is publicly accessible and designed for easy navigation, enabling users to explore Aeon's product components without the need for an account or subscription.

Benefits for Customers and the Aeon Community[edit | edit source]

The platform is designed to offer an in-depth look at Aeon's products, share our manufacturing processes, and encourage a collaborative environment for feedback and insights.

Understanding the Item Manager: A Deeper Dive (Internal Use)[edit | edit source]

The Item Manager is the internal counterpart of the Product Browser, offering additional features for Aeon's manufacturing and production workflows. This tool is accessible only to authorized personnel and includes inventory management tools, cost analysis, and a pricing model, among other functionalities.

Conclusion[edit | edit source]

The Aeon Product Browser and Item Manager are essential elements of Aeon’s operations, designed to support both manufacturing and customer service objectives. They not only exemplify Aeon's core principles of openness and cooperation but also significantly enhance our operational efficiency and customer engagement.