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What is Onshape?[edit | edit source]

Onshape is a modern, cloud-native 3D CAD (Computer-Aided Design) platform. Unlike traditional CAD software, which requires installation on local high-performance computers, Onshape is accessible from any web browser, on any device, anywhere in the world. Onshape's innovative approach facilitates real-time collaboration, enables advanced version control, and eliminates the need for costly hardware upgrades.

Why Aeon chooses Onshape[edit | edit source]

Aeon's commitment to openness and collaboration is paramount. Onshape is our chosen platform for several compelling reasons:

Universal Access[edit | edit source]

Requiring nothing more than a web browser and an internet connection, Onshape democratizes design access. This allows Aeon's engineers and our stakeholders to engage with our projects without the need for specialized hardware or software, embodying our commitment to accessibility and inclusivity.

3D Interaction[edit | edit source]

With Onshape, Aeon can share designs with the public in full 3D. Anyone with internet access can examine models through the Onshape web interface--no subscription is necessary. Such open access makes our work not merely visible, but fully interactive to anyone interested in exploring, learning from, or even contributing to our projects. It's a powerful way to demonstrate form and functionality that transcends language and invite appreciation and understanding from a global audience.

Free CAD[edit | edit source]

Aeon shares. So does Onshape! Onshape’s commitment to accessibility extends to its public web interface and free subscription tier, which opens up the world of CAD to everyone. This aligns with Aeon's philosophy of open innovation and community collaboration. By sharing our designs under public domain, we invite individuals from around the globe to view, interact with, and contribute to our projects, ensuring that our innovations remain accessible and beneficial to all. By providing an open platform for sharing 3D models, Onshape helps makes it easy for Aeon to achieve its goals. Thanks, Onshape!

Technical Considerations[edit | edit source]

Parametric modeling[edit | edit source]

Onshape's parametric approach to modeling streamlines engineering, enabling us to create sophisticated, adaptable designs. Rapid iterations and automatic updates of related design elements increase accuracy and reduce development time. Scalable, reusable parametric models improve our workflow by enabling us to swiftly adapt parts and sub-assemblies to meet diverse specifications.

Import / Export[edit | edit source]

The import-export capabilities of Onshape are crucial for Aeon. They allow the seamless integration of supplier models into our designs, and facilitate the transmission of geometric data for outsourced manufacturing services as well as for in-house parts production. Onshape's built-in drawing tools also allow us to quickly generate conventional drawings to meet various industry standards, and supporting a seamless design-to-manufacture pipeline.

Data Management[edit | edit source]

Onshape's data management tools simplify the organization and retrieval of CAD data. Parts, assemblies, and projects are arranged within work studios, documents, and folders to manage design content related by context, geometry, and function.

Learn More About Onshape[edit | edit source]

To explore Onshape's features or sign up for a free account, visit Onshape's official website.